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Here at The Drifty Mermaid, our goal is to provide our customers with unique, handmade jewelry and decor that have been inspired by handpicked treasures from coasts across the United States.

Original Art and Jewelry are made from found items I have acquired on my travels. Each piece could include many different states making it a one of a kind piece of art. Lake Erie beach glass, stones, fossils, driftwood, beach metals, and pottery are common in my art. The Gulf Coast of Florida is a beachcomber's dream, and you will find I use lots of shells from here. New York City has a treasure trove of trashy beaches that I love traveling to for their old glass and pottery, so you will find lots of that in my work also. Maine, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are also states I have used in my artwork regularly, which is why my designs are so unique.

Each item used is a one-of-a-kind piece collected from the churning shores of the coasts of our beautiful country. Pieces collected and used are sometimes cracked, broken, chipped, or worn. These naturally occur during their journey and add to the beauty of each piece of art.

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