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Coordinates? Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

One of the biggest questions I receive is on what beach did you find all your treasures?
Coordinates? Don't Ask Don't Tell

September 11, 2022

Oh My Gosh Becky, look at her treasures, they are soooo big! She must be one of those beachcomber girls or something. What beach? Location?? Where at??? Dm me your beach! A very touchy topic indeed that is comparable to asking a fisherman where their fishing spot is (I'm not telling that either), almost as divided as Republican vs Democrat or Cleveland vs Pittsburg...and I’m here to talk about it from my perspective.

One of the biggest questions I receive (especially after joining Facebook) is what beach did you find all your treasures? Now, while this is an obvious question one would ask, I don’t find it an answer that I am willingly giving up to too many, which obviously puts me on “that" side😆. Why Miranda you ask?.... Because lady (or gent, but mostly lady) it’s MY SPOT. My spot may not necessarily always be private but it’s my spot. Go find your own, that’s what I did.

There is a multitude of reasons that I am hesitant to give locations.

  1. I am a youngish female who goes alone to some pretty secluded spots, and I don’t need any creepy weirdos following me because Sally from the Valley asked me where I was.

  2. Speaking of Sally from the Valley, I don’t know you and if I don’t know you, I’m definitely not telling you. I don’t take candy from strangers (ok maybe seashells from strangers but not candy) and I don’t give strangers information about myself.... including the beaches I go to. It is unsafe.

  3. Loose lips sink ships. My Dad always said that to me because I have a big mouth. (I call it honesty 😉) I'm learning as I get older to just keep my mouth shut. 😁 Some of the spots I go to have been trusted to me by people that I have built relationships with and I’m not going to spoil it by posting online where I was.

  4. I'm on private property and you can’t go anyways. Simple.

  5. I’ve researched a ton. I have scoured shores and shores and shores and maps and maps and maps of this great country to find my honey holes. You can do the same. ✌️

  6. I like my solitude. That’s a big part of what makes it so fun for me and many others. In a world that is in constant motion, I appreciate my alone time on my adventures.

Now, with all that being said I’d like to give a couple of tips on finding your honey hole. The first thing (which most of us already do) follow your tribe on social media platforms. Your tribe can definitely help you. When you build relationships with people online and they can see that, you will have a better chance of sending them a Dm and getting their location. And make sure it's a private message, you are more likely to get a response that way than in their comment section. Research research research. I have spent whole days just bopping in and out of shorelines around areas I am not familiar with. This is your easiest tool. Nothing can be more productive than a day like this. I travel a ton and sometimes I don’t get it right the first time I’m somewhere but that’s all part of exploring new spots. Look at maps, what does the shoreline look like? Is it rocky? Watch the winds and tides, is spring and summer the best time or fall and winter in the area you are in? After a good storm is a great time to get out to the shoreline. Some of my best beach glass and shelling days come from a good storm. Also, the early bird does get the worm. If you are the first one there that's first dibs. The longer the day goes on the more people that are there looking for treasure also.

These are all important things to consider in finding your treasure hunting spots. I encourage everyone to get outside and explore. Find your tribe and begin your discovery. Nothing will make you feel better than a day on the shore.


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