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"Pure as Sunlight" and "Ice Cold Sunshine", Coca-Cola, one of the most recognized bottles in the world.

Coca-Cola bottles are a bucket list item for many beachcombing enthusiasts and have been filling the cabinets of collectors for years. Created in 1886 by John S Pemberton, Coca-Cola was first served as a fountain drink at Jacobs Pharmacy. Thirteen years later Coca-Cola started being bottled and marketed as an on the go drink, and that is where the glass bottle had its beginnings in becoming one of the most coveted items to be found on shores all over the world.

The first Coca-Cola bottle was a straight sided bottle and included a metal stopper and had the seafoam color we all are familiar with. In 1906 + 1907 Coke changed its bottle to a less popular amber style and then changed it again in 1915 to the now famous contour we all know. There have only been a few bottle shape and color variations, with the seafoam bottle being the most recognizable. They wanted a bottle that would be recognized for what it was, even if it was shattered on the ground and boy did they get it right!

Because of its long-standing history and popularity, Coca-Cola bottles can be found in waters across the globe. From creeks in the hollers of West Virginia to the churning shores of the Great Lakes to the vast bodies of waters of our oceans, Coca-Cola glass can be found in the most remote areas. It is the world's most popular soft drink and for many years, before we knew better, lots of garbage was disposed of in our waters and thus making the old glass bottles treasures just waiting to be found.

I get so excited seeing that familiar color and embossed logo, it could be a perfect frosty or shanky always goes in my bag. I am a frosty girl through and through and typically only pick up those pieces of glass that are worn smooth with the tossing and churning of the water. I make an exception for Coca-Cola. My favorite Coca-Cola find was last December. It was a fully intact bottle, slightly tumbled, with a Tampa stamp on the bottom. I unexpectedly found it while shelling on the Gulf Coast and was more excited about that bottle than anything else I have ever found. Beach glass or seaglass is not too common on the Gulf of Florida so that is why I think it was so special for me. Bucket list item checked.

In 1978 Coca-Cola started bottling in plastic. Plastic became mainstream and more affordable as a packaging option making it become one of the worst modern inventions for our environment. Plastic is not something beachcombers like finding on our shores and believe me lots of those bottles and much more end up on them because of it. Packing out what you pack in, recycling, picking up trash, and using reusable containers are all things we can do to help in a small way.

One of the biggest questions I receive is on what beach did you find all your treasures?
Coordinates? Don't Ask Don't Tell

September 11, 2022

Oh My Gosh Becky, look at her treasures, they are soooo big! She must be one of those beachcomber girls or something. What beach? Location?? Where at??? Dm me your beach! A very touchy topic indeed that is comparable to asking a fisherman where their fishing spot is (I'm not telling that either), almost as divided as Republican vs Democrat or Cleveland vs Pittsburg...and I’m here to talk about it from my perspective.

One of the biggest questions I receive (especially after joining Facebook) is what beach did you find all your treasures? Now, while this is an obvious question one would ask, I don’t find it an answer that I am willingly giving up to too many, which obviously puts me on “that" side😆. Why Miranda you ask?.... Because lady (or gent, but mostly lady) it’s MY SPOT. My spot may not necessarily always be private but it’s my spot. Go find your own, that’s what I did.

There is a multitude of reasons that I am hesitant to give locations.

  1. I am a youngish female who goes alone to some pretty secluded spots, and I don’t need any creepy weirdos following me because Sally from the Valley asked me where I was.

  2. Speaking of Sally from the Valley, I don’t know you and if I don’t know you, I’m definitely not telling you. I don’t take candy from strangers (ok maybe seashells from strangers but not candy) and I don’t give strangers information about myself.... including the beaches I go to. It is unsafe.

  3. Loose lips sink ships. My Dad always said that to me because I have a big mouth. (I call it honesty 😉) I'm learning as I get older to just keep my mouth shut. 😁 Some of the spots I go to have been trusted to me by people that I have built relationships with and I’m not going to spoil it by posting online where I was.

  4. I'm on private property and you can’t go anyways. Simple.

  5. I’ve researched a ton. I have scoured shores and shores and shores and maps and maps and maps of this great country to find my honey holes. You can do the same. ✌️

  6. I like my solitude. That’s a big part of what makes it so fun for me and many others. In a world that is in constant motion, I appreciate my alone time on my adventures.

Now, with all that being said I’d like to give a couple of tips on finding your honey hole. The first thing (which most of us already do) follow your tribe on social media platforms. Your tribe can definitely help you. When you build relationships with people online and they can see that, you will have a better chance of sending them a Dm and getting their location. And make sure it's a private message, you are more likely to get a response that way than in their comment section. Research research research. I have spent whole days just bopping in and out of shorelines around areas I am not familiar with. This is your easiest tool. Nothing can be more productive than a day like this. I travel a ton and sometimes I don’t get it right the first time I’m somewhere but that’s all part of exploring new spots. Look at maps, what does the shoreline look like? Is it rocky? Watch the winds and tides, is spring and summer the best time or fall and winter in the area you are in? After a good storm is a great time to get out to the shoreline. Some of my best beach glass and shelling days come from a good storm. Also, the early bird does get the worm. If you are the first one there that's first dibs. The longer the day goes on the more people that are there looking for treasure also.

These are all important things to consider in finding your treasure hunting spots. I encourage everyone to get outside and explore. Find your tribe and begin your discovery. Nothing will make you feel better than a day on the shore.

September 7, 2022

Kitten Paw Shells

The Atlantic Kitten Paw shell is my first favorite shell from the Gulf Coast. I say first favorite because they are all my favorites, it was just lucky enough to be the first shell that caught my eye with its finger-like colorful variegations wrapping around it like a cute little package…. that I immediately wanted to put in my pocket.

The Plicatula Gibbosa, or kitten paw shell is a bivalve that I find commonly on the beaches of Florida’s Gulf coast, its habitat is anywhere from the low tide line to 300 feet in depth. It is a mini version of the lion's paw shell, one of its larger family members, and comes from a small bivalve family with only 16 species across the globe. The kitten paw varies in color depending on its age and fossilization. Shades of orange and brown, grey, and white decorate the striated shell to create its eye-catching pattern.

The kitten paw has flair, it makes great coastal decor from seahorses to flower petals and is a great filler on my beach hearts. My artist eye looks at it and thinks that I need to collect hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these little guys at a time for my artwork. My eyes focus on only them and next thing you know my bag is full and I feel fat and happy like I just finished a holiday meal. Leaving the beach my mind and soul are refreshed and filled with lots of ideas.

PSA: It is never ok to collect live shells. Just don't do it. It's illegal and detrimental to the ecosystem that already has enough problems… its also bad juju and nobody needs that in their life✌️🧜🏼‍♀️

Kitten Paw Shells

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