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Lake Erie Beach Glass

The Drifty Mermaid


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About Me

Hey there, I'm Miranda, the creator behind The Drifty Mermaid. I am a married military spouse and mom of two bad labs, Rocky and Bullwinkle.

 I was born and raised on the southern shores of Lake Erie and its tributaries, which I explored endlessly as a child. The water has inspired a lot of my travel and art, and I am constantly searching the shores of everywhere I go looking for new treasures to repurpose into my designs.

 Over 2 years ago now, my husband and I made some significant life changes. We had some unique opportunities for his work, and we jumped in feet first. I closed a business I owned since I was very young, and we packed up and moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida and are loving every minute. I can now focus on my beachcombing skills and artwork as my full-time job, for which I am thankful.

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